UM partners with MediaMarkt to develop AI e-commerce application

UM Turkey incorporates the warmth and guidance of a mother in an AI form.


UM Turkey has partnered with MediaMarkt to develop an eCommerce application  incorporating AI into the sales strategy.

The application named ‘Mother AI’ helps the consumer experience and client business growth.

MediaMarkt’s Mother’s Day campaign, ‘Mother AI’ was based around the universal belief that mother’s possess unique wisdom.

Inspired by the capabilities of GPT-4, UM Turkey incorporates the warmth and guidance of a mother in an AI form.

This was then showcased on the news website ‘Onedio’, showing the AI persona with its maternal touch.

Beyond assisting with gift choices, the tool  ensures discussions remained brand-aligned and avoided controversies, celebrating maternal intuition in our digital era.

Following the success of MediaMarkt’s Mother Day campaign, ‘Mother AI’ was featured in various news outlets.

This initiative not only emphasised the brand’s aptitude for merging advanced technology with tailored customer service, but also strengthened its position in a digitally evolving retail world.

Joe Nicolas, CEO of UM MENAT, said:”We are excited to see work involving AI that adds meaningful value to media and the end consumer.

“Following the resounding success of this global-first application, we are committed to further exploration while upholding these core principles. This is only the beginning.”

Tolga Ünvan, Marketing, Corporate Communication and E-Commerce Director, MediaMarkt Turkey, said: “This technology will simplify people’s lives as it emerges in various sectors from health to education, tourism to finance. At MediaMarkt, we define ourselves as the best place to experience electronics and technology.

“I believe ‘Mother AI’ is a very innovative technology that enhances the total customer experience by helping customers in both emotional and functional ways. In the near future, companies will have various advantages to attract consumers with different approaches on different platforms.

“Artificial intelligence will open up exciting new business areas, and we are proud to be global-first players in this impressive arena.”

Gizem Atik, UM Turkey’s Account Director for MediaMarkt, and Emre Candan, the Project Director said: “The excitement we feel with ‘Mother AI’ is not just about its intersection with our visions related to digital, technology, and marketing communication at MediaMarkt and UM, but also about how this groundbreaking technology transforms itself into a communication tool, indicating the future shifts in our profession.”