UM and FP7 McCann KSA launch first Diriyah Season campaign

UM and FP7 McCann KSA have collaborated to launch a regional-first campaign for Diriyah Season using TikTok OOP. 

Diriyah Season, known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse entertainment offerings, is a leading event in Saudi Arabia, drawing visitors from across the globe.

This collaboration aims to elevate the visibility and impact of Diriyah Season through innovative marketing strategies.

Turning the Saudi TikTok community into billboard stars, renowned creators captured their Diriyah Season experiences. These moments were then shared across prominent OOH screens in Riyadh, inviting the public to join in the celebration and share their own Diriyah experiences.

Since its launch, the campaign has garnered significant attention and engagement, showcasing hundreds of individuals and various experiences from Diriyah Season across strategically located OOH screens in Riyadh, including locations like Riyadh Boulevard and City.

President of Diriyah Season and Group CEO of Diriyah Gate Development Authority, Jerry Inzerillo, said “In collaboration with UM and FP7 McCann KSA, we’ve embarked on an exhilarating journey to redefine the essence of Diriyah Season through our latest campaign utilizing TikTok OOP. This innovative fusion of tradition and technology not only captures the spirit of our heritage but also showcases the vibrancy of our modern-day celebrations.

“It’s a testament to the harmonious collaboration between multiple teams, all working tirelessly to ensure that our campaign stays true to the heart of Diriyah while highlighting the myriad exciting experiences within Diriyah Seasons. This initiative exemplifies the ingenuity and dedication that drives our efforts to continuously elevate the cultural landscape of Saudi Arabia.”

Nadeem Ibrahim, Head of Digital, UM KSA, said, “With a brand as significant as a Giga project in Saudi Arabia, we embraced the challenge set by the client to craft a groundbreaking media first. TikTok OOP was the perfect fit for us. What better way than to make people in Riyadh billboard famous?

“The campaign sparked conversations across Riyadh, solidifying the enduring presence of Diriyah Seasons, while fundamentally reshaping our approach to audience engagement. By seamlessly integrating the influence of digital platforms with the expansive reach of out-of-home advertising, this initiative highlights the transformative potential of innovative collaborations in shaping brand experiences and captivating audiences in novel and captivating ways.”

Mohammed Bahmishan, CEO of FP7 McCann KSA, said, “Diriyah Season embodies a truly unique brand – it’s the birthplace of the people, for the people, and represents their experiences. We needed to break away from conventional mass brand advertising and find a creative solution that truly resonated with the brand’s essence. It wasn’t a straightforward brief, but we met it head-on with an amazing synergy of creativity, media, and technology. It’s a genuinely authentic and people-owned celebration and cultural experience for the Saudi people.”

Diriyah Season offers a range of events and experiences designed to bring to life the living heritage of Diriyah – ’The City of Earth’, and the birthplace of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The season will offer visitors authentic experience that combines arts and culture, live performance, and experiential experiences to showcase nearly six hundred years of history and heritage in an entertaining way.

It aims to entertain visitors’ cultural curiosity by curating a calendar of events offering something for everyone including the return of ‘Layali Diriyah’, immersive art installations and exhibitions, stellar culinary experiences, and outdoor activities such as horseback riding, camping, and stargazing.



  • Garen Moreno, Executive Director Marketing Operations 
  • Nawaf Rajeh, Innovation & Master Plan Marketing Director
  • Yara Alderbas, Deputy Marketing Director 
  • Bana Meizar, Marketing Manager
  • Waleed AlZaben, Marketing Executive


  • Mohammed Mannaa, Chief Executive Officer
  • Nadeem Ibrahim, Head of Digital
  • Anshul Jaiswal, Associate Digital Director
  • Arpit Agrawal, Media Manager
  • Karan Aylawadi, Media Manager


  • Mohammed Bahmishan, Chief Executive Officer
  • Amr Kalaawy, General Manager
  • Alaa Ghazzi, Creative Director
  • Warren Davey, Integrated Business Director
  • Lynn Barazi, Account Executive 
  • Abdallah Ayoubi, Senior Graphic Designer 


  • Mario El Feghali, Head of Travel & Tourism MENA
  • Joanne Chehab, Head of Business Partnerships MENA
  • Youssef Gadallah, Head of Creative Agency Partnerships GBC METAP