True Gamers unveils project for world’s first esports island

It is committing more than $280 million to the project, and discussions are currently underway with high-profile investors

True Gamers, a leading international network of esports clubs, has unveiled plans to develop the world’s first esports island in Abu Dhabi.

Valued at more than $280 million, it will create a dynamic ecosystem to cater to the constantly growing esports community.

The project is in collaboration with leading gaming collectives including BetBoom Team, Virtus.pro and Team Spirit.

It will offer a unique experience for esports recreation and boot camps, providing aspiring gamers with valuable insights into the professional scene.

The ‘eSports Island’ will encompass a professional training facility for leading teams, a high-tech venue for hosting top-tier gaming tournaments, and dedicated content creation spaces for influencers and game developers.

Gamers will also enjoy a luxurious hotel with a unique concept, providing an immersive esports experience.

The company is committing more than $280 million to the project, and discussions are currently underway with high-profile investors to secure funding.

The investment will encompass everything from acquiring a private island to curating exclusive adventures, such as a parachute jump check-in inspired by PUBG, designed to create an unparalleled guest experience.

Children’s esports camps will also be established, fostering the next generation of gaming enthusiasts.

“We constantly seek innovative trends and opportunities to elevate the gaming experience for everyone – from casual players to professional athletes,” said Vlad Belyanin, CPO and co-founder of True Gamers.

“We believe eSports Island will be a groundbreaking achievement in the entertainment industry, offering guests the perfect blend of relaxation and exceptional competitive gaming.”

 Island Infrastructure

Led by Tue Gamers, a team of architects, including Abdullah bin Baz and Haitham Khojali, designed the island’s infrastructure to encompass a variety of facilities catering to diverse needs.

Digital Tower will offer gamers unique avenues for partnership, the organisation of grand esports events, and a stimulating environment for growth.

TG Arena will be a world-class facility designed to host international esports tournaments, unique digital exhibitions and large-scale conferences.

It features specialised areas, including a computer club with 100 high-performance PCs, a car simulator area with 20 platforms, a console zone with 20 PS consoles, and a fully equipped streaming area.

GG Resort is a high-class hotel, which boasts 200 luxurious rooms equipped with high-performance computers for an unrivaled gaming experience.  Guests can also enjoy various leisure facilities, such as a spa, pool, and pristine beaches.