Trends that will rule digital marketing in the region

Gamned! has released a trend book titled “Discover the major trends that will govern digital marketing in MENA in 2024.”

According to the report the six key trends include:

The omni-channel era: harmonising tv and digital media 

There has been a shift to omni-channel media, merging traditional and digital strategies, which has lead TV networks to diversify content across platforms.

In the UAE and Saudi Arabia, nearly 96 per cent of viewers stream TV online, moving from passive to active engagement because of connected TV and over-the-top digital television.

Artificial Intelligence: preparing our teams for the revolution 

AI has started to transform the sector by analysing user data for personalised advertising and providing real-time performance insights for smarter budgeting.  It also streamlines content creation, reducing time and costs.

CSR: an essential part of corporate strategy 

Stricter regulations, consumer demands, and AI’s efficiency in reducing energy footprints are leading marketing toward sustainability.

Attention measurement: redefining engagement

The decline in third-party cookies has resulted the industry to innovate targeting while protecting user privacy.

Engagement metrics shifted from clicks and conversions to nuanced indicators of genuine engagement, integrating CSR with attention measurement amid reduced ad frequencies.

In influencer marketing, the focus shifted to building long-lasting, impactful relationships with content creators who command the attention of millions, moving beyond temporary product placements

Embracing data-driven strategies for enhanced sales and conversations

Data-driven decision-making is becoming essential for increasing sales and conversions.

Businesses use consumer data for targeted marketing and strategy refinement, enhancing ROI.

Customised experiences and predictive analytics predict market trends and improvement in customer satisfaction, giving businesses a competitive advantage.

Data analysis will become crucial for advertisers to enhance sales experiences and boost conversion rates.

Content first and beyond generations: personalised strategies at the forefront 

As ad-free streaming rises, a content first approach prioritises compelling content over traditional ads, focusing on experience creation and transforming brand-audience relationships.

In influencer marketing, the appeal of content now outweighs platform loyalty, encouraging a shift to authentic content across various channels.

Advertisers must combine TV and digital content for an effective broad marketing approach.