TMC launches DOOH operations in the UAE

The Media Connector (TMC) has announced the launch of its operations in the UAE to offer DOOH solutions for marketers. TMC is a self-service media-buying platform that aims to enable advertisers to have direct access to DOOH screens across the UAE and soon, across GCC.

Founded and led by Raffoul Mattar, a media veteran with more than two decades of regional experience in the advertising industry, TMC services approximately 500 DOOH screens including in-store, malls, outdoors and destinations.

TMC has also partnered with Blis, an audience targeting platform, to execute platform-based omnichannel advertising. The partnership aims to offer advertisers access to in-depth audience insights on the profile of consumers exposed to their outdoor ads. The marketers will be supported with an omnichannel approach and an ability to retarget online to their OOH ad in addition to measuring changes in brand and footfall KPIs.

According to a statement,  “Advertisers can plan and book their campaigns in five easy steps using a single platform. Thanks to its advanced audience-specific programmatic, advertisers can select their target audience. With the support of Blis technology, TMC can set the best network to optimise their reach and tailor their messages across different times of the day to serve content to the right audience at the right time​.”

“TMC fills up existing market gaps by simplifying DOOH planning and buying, making it easier and faster for marketers. We built our solution by closely listening to our potential clientele and understanding their expectations from our product, i.e., to reach wider audiences and drive business results,” says Raffoul Mattar.