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TikTok launches second mini-series for car enthusiasts

TikTok has launched the second season of ‘Moving Topics’, a car mini-series featuring leading car figures and marketing experts in the region’s automotive scene.

The series will host engaging discussions about the innovation, technologies, and trends driving the car industry. It aims to drive conversation, brand loyalty and meaningful conversation among industry experts.

‘Moving Topics’, is in line with TikTok’s position as an authentic virtual showroom that inspires, informs, and entertains, creating brand equity for both current and future car buyers.

It taps into the growing community of car enthusiasts on the social media platform, where a weekly search for #CarTok in the UAE reveals over 2,000 car-related videos generating millions of views.

In each episode, experts engage in a ‘story-time’ session to discuss how these brands connect with the growing car community in the region to create relatable and meaningful content.

Hosted by well-known creators like Suhaib Shashaa, Co-editor end Editor in Chief at ArabGT, and automotive enthusiast and content creator Amir De Leon, this series will span four episodes, with Lara Ayoub Agha, Senior Marketing Manager – Lexus, Al-Futtaim, as the first guest.

The following episodes will feature guests and contributors from the brand creative agencies including

  • Roland Zahra, Managing Director – Nissan Middle East
  • Assaad Chehade, Senior Marketing Manager – Toyota, Al-Futtaim
  •  Karl ElHitti, Head of Social, Memac Ogilvy
  • Wassim Abi Salloum, Managing Director, Nissan United at TBWA/RAAD
  • Alaa Nour, Account Director, Memac Ogilvy

Joanne Chehab, Head of  Business Partnerships, MENA – Global Business Solutions at TikTok, said: “TikTok is a powerful connector between brands and consumers. More so than ever, digital interactions are becoming an important factor in the purchasing funnel for consumers, especially for car enthusiasts. We’ve seen bands increasingly adopt a creator’s mindset to forge meaningful connections within the automotive community.

“Brands are recognising the importance of an authentic communication style and leveraging user-generated content (UGC) to create credible material that brings consumers closer to consideration. ‘Moving Topics’ tackles just that, while addressing how automotive giants, manufacturers, and dealers are navigating today’s consumer journey to unite enthusiasts and build brand loyalty through genuine interactions and entertaining experiences.”

With each episode, users are invited to rev up their engines and join industry leaders on a cruise through a world where innovation meets inspiration, all while building a community that’s fuelled by authenticity and driven by shared enthusiasm for the open road.