TikTok launches Ramadan guide to inspire creativity and community


TikTok has launched a guide for its community to celebrate Ramadan, under the slogan ‘Search on TikTok.’

Every year, the platform introduces a series of hashtags tailored to meet the community’s evolving needs throughout the day during Ramadan.

This year, the hashtags were curated to make it easier for the community to access and watch content. 

The guide includes a set of interactive activities and posts that allow people to enjoy unique experiences and share them with the community, whether they are looking for new recipes for iftar and suhoor, purposeful and motivational topics, or even light-hearted and entertaining content like comedy clips.

Raising social media presence 

The key Ramadan hashtag is #Ramadan2024, aiming to help everyone share their favourite Ramadan moments and traditions with an ongoing conversation across the community.

It provides a space to discuss pop culture, healthy food recipes, home decoration, fashion, and health during the holy month.

The hashtag can also be used for snippets of popular television series as well as essential food recipes for every home preparing to host Ramadan gatherings.

Similarly, to celebrate the intimate and smaller moments during the month, #RamadanPreps is the go-to hashtag for the community to share videos of how they prepare for the holy month.

People are using it to share content about decorating, shopping, or the buzz right before and after iftar. 

Health and Fashion

For foodies who love to enjoy Ramadan recipes, TikTok launched #TikTokCookBook and #WhereToEat.

It covers the people’s favourite Ramadan dishes and recipes, restaurant recommendations for iftar and suhoor, and budget-friendly tips for large gatherings.

#WhatToWear and #TikTokSalon were also revealed aimed at providing fashion tips and advice for social occasions, particularly when visiting friends and family.

Using the hashtag community members can seamlessly incorporate the latest fashion trends from some of the most prominent creators on the platform into their Ramadan wardrobe.

#RamadanHealth is a guide to help everyone’s health during the holy month, featuring healthy food options for iftar and suhoor, exercise and health tips, as well as tips on how to fast without feeling exhausted. 

Pop culture threads 

Pop culture and television shows play important roles for people fasting during Ramadan. Through the hashtags #WhatToWatch, the community can share their opinions about the latest TV show episode and the heartwarming or funny advertisements.

Similarly, #GameNight invites everyone to discuss video games, whether its their recommendations, reviews, or tips about how to get through the story.

These hashtags are a space for people to come together to discuss pop culture, but also a guide on what to watch and keep an eye out for this Ramadan.

This year’s guide also features #WhereToVisit and #TravelTikTok for travel enthusiasts who want to find out about the captivating destinations during Eid.

Featuring hotels and tourist spots, people are sharing their recommendations on where to travel for the upcoming Eid celebration

Sharing live moments

The community can tune in to TikTok LIVE streams, featuring various lifestyle and travel topics under the banner of ‘My Ramadan.’

It offers insights into recommended dishes, popular Iftar and suhoor spots, as well as the cherished traditions of family gatherings during Ramadan, alongside suggestions for Eid al-Fitr holiday destinations.

This daily hour-long livestream serves as a vibrant tapestry of cultural exploration. Viewers can enjoy the culinary arts through ‘Ramadan Kitchen,’ a segment where community members can explore and engage in crafting Ramadan meals.

Fashion enthusiasts can reveal “Ramadan Fashion,” showcasing unique Ramadan styles and fashion tips. While “Active Fasting” features exercise routines, home workouts, and vitality tips throughout the day. 

The livestream will also feature ‘Healthy Ramadan’ guidance on nutrition, wholesome eating, and encouraging healthy habits. 

On TikTok, the month of Ramadan is a time when different communities immerse themselves in festivity. With cultural, social, and entertainment activities happening throughout the month, people use the platform to stay connected with each other, as well as exchange how they celebrate and observe the holy month.