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TikTok launches new AI-generated content labels

The new label feature allows users to disclose if user posts contain any AI-made content

Image Credit: TikTok

TikTok has launched new rules around AI disclosure, where users will need to tag AI-generated content in the app, or risk having it removed by moderators.

The new label feature allows users to disclose if their posts contain any AI-made content. A toggle labelled ‘AI-generated content’ can be found under more options when uploading a video.

Under the toggle, it states that the label will help prevent content removal and may take down content that isn’t labelled.

The social media platform is trying to get ahead of the expected wave of AI deepfakes, by enforcing its rules around related disclosure. It encourages users to tag AI-generated content that outlines ‘realistic scenes’, as shared below by social media consultant Matt Navarra.


TikTok previously banned deepfake videos on the app in 2020 and updated its rules under the community guidelines.

The app describes digital forgeries that mislead users by misrepresenting the truth of events and cause significant harm to the subject of the video, other persons, or society. For example, in February 2023, a viral deepfake of Joe Rogan was taken down.

Similarly, Instagram is also developing its own AI content labels, which will likely make a posting requirement. YouTube’s also developing new tools to deal with the expected AI tsunami, while X has put its dependence on community notes to help keep users informed of artificial content.