TikTok launches first-party ad solution

TikTok for Business has announced the launch of a new tool, Attribution Analytics. The new tool aims to serve as a  first-party measurement solution for advertisers.

Integrated into the TikTok Ads Manager platform, the tool aims to allow advertisers understand actions that users take after clicking an ad on TikTok.

Advertisers will be able to follow the customer journey, from awareness, discovery to action, on TikTok.  It will also provide better insight into customer’s non-linear path to purchase.

The social media platform has said that it will be rolling several new features as a part of the tool.

The first feature that was announced as part of the initial launch is the Performance Comparison.

Primarily a measurement tool, Performance Comparison will let advertisers to view conversions across different time spans.

Performance Comparison data will show the number of conversions that happen after seeing or clicking an ad, and how long it takes for these conversions to happen.

The include actions taken by consumers after clicking on ad such as ‘View Content’, ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Initiate Checkout’ and ‘Purchase’ over different time spans.

In its blog post announcing the new tool, TikTok highlights the unconventional customer journey on the platform said that, “The immersive nature of TikTok content means users often see and take inspiration from ads but don’t want to disrupt their browsing experience. Instead, they continue their browsing on TikTok and resume their purchase journey later”.

It also revealed that according to a post-purchase survey conducted 79 per cent of conversions that users credited to TikTok were missing from last-click models data.

Last click models give credit to the platform that received the last click before purchase.

TikTok will be soon rolling out different features to add to its Attribution Analytics.