TikTok and Emirates Nature-WWF join forces to launch ‘Nature Diaries’

‘Nature Diaries' is an exclusive video series aimed at democratizing climate action and fostering climate literacy

TikTok and Emirates Nature-WWF have joined forces to launch ‘Nature Diaries,’ an exclusive video series aimed at democratizing climate action and fostering climate literacy.

This collaborative effort seeks to inspire and educate viewers, especially the youth, fostering a deeper understanding of conservation and climate challenges.

Ahead of the COP28 climate summit, the Nature Diaries marks an important step in encouraging collective climate action.

The series will be exclusively available on the Emirates Nature-WWF TikTok account and promoted under the #LearnOnTikTok and #ClimateAction hashtags in the run-up to COP28, to deliver an immersive experience that combines education, adventure and climate volunteerism.

Nature Diaries focuses on making climate-related content as accessible, engaging and relatable as possible.

Ian Gill, Global Head of Sustainability at TikTok, said: “With its utility as a platform that is committed to transforming climate anxiety into empowerment, TikTok has evolved into a platform for climate advocates and experts to help our communities become informed and engaged.

“Through the Nature Diaries series, we aim to engage and inspire viewers by providing them with credible information, deepening their understanding of environmental challenges and encouraging truly meaningful, actionable efforts.

The series spotlights Emirates Nature-WWF’s conservation scientists, offering first-hand glimpses into their conservation work on the ground in the UAE, and how they involve the community to participate in driving impact via the Leaders of Change program made up of 4000+ active volunteers.

These include their championing of conservation efforts at various sites across the UAE, especially the lesser-explored and unique projects across the country touching on themes of rural farming, surviving in the wild, nature-based solutions and more.

Each episode, infused with storytelling and expert insights, equips viewers with authoritative resources to combat climate conspiracies and debunk myths.

Through narratives, it encourages you to embrace a sense of shared responsibility and contribute to collective sustainability steps.

This will be made by exploring a range of diverse themes, including the cultural importance of bees and desert flora/fauna identification, to understanding carbon capture through mangroves and survival skills training, such as finding water.

Rasna Al Khamis, Chief Marketing Officer at Emirates Nature-WWF said: “At Emirates Nature-WWF, tackling nature’s greatest challenges and fostering climate literacy in the community is at the core of our mission.

“Through the Nature Diaries series, a collaborative endeavor with TikTok, we hope to engage and inspire audiences — especially the youth — by harnessing the platform’s power of storytelling.

“The idea is to ignite passion and action among viewers to work proactively in addressing the solutions we need in place to protect the one planet we call home”.