Threads: Instagram launches new app to rival Twitter

Image Credit: Apple

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is releasing a new app this Thursday, to challenge Twitter.

The app, which is called Threads and is available for pre-order on the Apple App Store, will be linked to Instagram.

Its functions will be similar to Twitter, with text-based posts that can be liked, commented on and shared, according to sample screenshots on the App Store.

According to the BBC, “Meta has the resources to compete with Twitter. Threads will be part of the Instagram platform, so it will also be connected to hundreds of millions of accounts. It’s not starting from zero, as other would-be rivals have had to do.”

Meta’s reels is generally similar to TikTok, while its stories look alike to Snapchat.

Threads app will have no restrictions on how many posts a user can see. It will also clean up data on your phone, including location, purchases and browsing history.

Recently, various apps similar to Twitter have risen, such as Donald Trump’s Truth Social and Mastodon. Another similar app, Bluesky has experienced record-high traffic after Elon Musk enforced limits on Twitter.

Threads could pose a huge threat to Twitter as Mark Zuckerberg is known to make ideas succeed.

Nick Vinckier, Head of Corporate Innovation at Chalhoub Group, said: “Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the entrepreneur has been experimenting with a series of features to increase the number of paid users. While Zuckerberg aims to attract dissatisfied users, offering a viable alternative to Twitter.”