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The world of gaming on TikTok

From discovering new games to sharing epic wins and major fails, it has become the platform for gamers to connect, create and set cultural trends.

The world of gaming has increased over the past few years and the way digital platform users engage, create and connect through gaming has evolved.

Leading the charge is TikTok, which saw a surge last year in gaming enthusiasts, connecting through their shared passion.

From discovering new games to sharing epic wins and major fails, it has become the platform for gamers to connect, create and set cultural trends.

With a staggering 3 trillion views worldwide for gaming content last year, it has transformed into a global hub where diverse audiences connect through their shared passion and foster a larger than life community.

And it’s not just diehard gamers joining in the fun – 82 per cent of users are playing games at least once a week, according to the Marketing Science, Global Entertainment Study (Gaming Vertical), conducted for the platform by Material.

In the MENA region, #GamingOnTikTok which has 55.5 billion views globally exploded, racking up millions of views across the UAE (81 million views), Saudi Arabia (238 million views) and Egypt (81 million views).

With sub-hashtags like #MobileGamerNation (3.6 billion global views, 25 million video views for UAE, 227 million video views for KSA and 287 million Egypt) and #WhatToPlay (1.3 global views, 665,000 for UAE, 1.2 million KSA and 662,000 Egypt) TikTok has become a retreat for gamers seeking gameplay insights, recommendations, and tips.

Mohamed Harb, TikTok’s Head of Sports & Gaming MENA, said: “The MENA gaming community on TikTok is a vibrant community where passionate gamers collaborate and interact, exchange recommendations, reviews, gameplay experiences, reactions, and noteworthy moments from various video games, including FPS, E-Sports, open-world, and mobile games.”

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According to Marketing Science, Global Entertainment Study (Gaming Vertical) 2021, conducted by Material, 41 per cent of users downloaded a featured game after seeing gaming content on TikTok, and 36 per cent made purchases to play.

The What’s Next: Gaming Trend Report 2023 shows that 70 per cent of TikTok audiences also agree that they feel a deeper connection with people they interact with on the platform than on other sites and apps that they use. 

Gaming content on the platform is not just about showcasing gameplay, it’s a gateway to discovering new games, trying new formats, and bridging the gap between creators and gamers.

Taking its commitment to gamers and the gaming community a step further, the social media platform hosted its first eSports tournament.

The TikTok invitational eSports Tournament brought together the top 16 eSports teams from across the MENA region for a two-day event. 

Enhanced by professional commentators who provided real-time analysis and commentary, the event generated 132 million views on #GamingOnTikTok over just two days.

TikTok seamlessly blends gaming, entertainment, and culture.

The community helps creators to experiment with gaming content, from filmmakers on TikTok transforming favorite games into films, to chefs showcasing imaginative takes on game characters through food art. 

The platform’s ability to create a level playing field for users from diverse backgrounds through shared interests has given rise to a vibrant gaming community.