The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts revamps its brand identity

The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts (Wrth) has unveiled its elevated identity, aligning with its strategy to champion Saudi traditional arts worldwide. The revamped logo and branding identity captures the mission and stature entrusted to the institute.

A Living Heritage

Saudi Arabia boasts a rich variety of traditional arts deeply embedded in its cultural fabric. Passed down through generations, these artistic treasures symbolise the enduring legacy and cultural heritage. With the launch of “Wrth,” it reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding, documenting, and promoting Saudi traditional arts for future generations.

A Symbol of Excellence

According to the company, the logo is a testament to its regal status and profound connection to the arts. Crafted in a distinctive script, the logo displays elegance and sophistication. Decorated with symbolic elements such as the Saudi Emblem, representing the essence of Saudi Arabia.

A Unified Identity

Beyond the logo, “Wrth” introduces a comprehensive visual identity design element, including an Arabic typographic font using thuluth calligraphy art, and various traditional arts to reflect the Saudi national identity.

With royal green color palette, these cohesive elements serve as a visual language, uniting all aspects of Wrth’s communication efforts and reinforcing its commitment to safeguarding and enriching Saudi traditional arts, says the company.

Celebrating Cultural Legacy

As part of the Quality-of-Life Program, Wrth aims to enrich programs and initiatives, and to empower artisans and foster a vibrant arts community, enriching lives and preserving cultural heritage.

Showcasing Treasured Secrets

Wrth serves as a custodian of Saudi Arabia’s UNESCO World Heritage treasures, including Al Sadu Weaving, Al Qatt Al Asiri, and Historic Jeddah traditional building arts.

By protecting these cultural gems, the institute brings global attention to the richness and diversity of Saudi traditional arts and cultural heritage.

Invitation to Explore

Dr. Suzan Al Yahya, CEO of Wrth, said: “We warmly invite everyone—artisans, educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts—to join us on our transformation journey and celebrate Saudi traditional arts both locally and globally.”