The power of non-endemic advertising

Image credit: Walmart

Walmart recently announced its TV wall advertising, a process that will not only benefit people coming into the store but also the businesses with which Walmart is partnering with, and Walmart itself.

Non-endemic advertising is the practice of placing ads in contexts that are not directly related to the advertiser’s products or services.

Businesses across various sectors can harness digital directories and innovative QR codes to amplify their marketing endeavours and guide customers to their products and services.


Hotels frequently employ digital directories to enhance guest experiences, providing easy access to facilities and services. These directories also present an untapped opportunity for non-endemic advertising.

People fail to look at the bigger picture. Hotels can feature QR codes in their digital directory that lead guests to local attractions, car rental services, or nearby restaurants. Such advertising enriches the guest experience by offering added value and opens up a new revenue stream for the hotel through partnerships with local businesses.


Real estate offices

Digital directories in real estate offices traditionally focus on property listings and related services. Yet, by incorporating non-endemic advertising, these directories can offer much more.

A QR code next to a property listing can link to interior design services, local schools, or community events, providing potential buyers with a holistic view of their new home environment.”


Hospitals’ digital directories are important for both health staff and patients to get around the building as easily as possible. Introducing non-endemic advertising enhances patient and visitor support.

QR codes can direct users to wellness programs, health insurance information, or nearby pharmacies. These things can improve patient care and satisfaction while opening new avenues for healthcare-related advertising.

Apartment buildings

Apartment buildings with digital directories for residents and visitors can also benefit from non-endemic advertising.

QR codes can connect residents with local businesses, from restaurants offering delivery services to entertainment options and fitness centers, creating a relationship between the apartment complex and the local economy.

Design effective QR codes

The code itself should not be cluttered with too much information but make sure it’s large enough to allow for easy scanning from a reasonable distance.

It’s important to remember that a QR code doesn’t have to be a bland, black-and-white square, but it can have your brand’s logo or colour scheme in the design to maintain visual consistency across your advertising materials.

Consider unique and innovative ways to engage users through QR codes, such as augmented reality experiences, interactive content, or social media integrations for the best results”

Using QR codes in their digital directories allows small businesses to enhance the user experience while also expanding their business opportunities.

By Sam Rogers, CEO of Digital Directory Express