The marketing insights behind new Mattel themed experience

The first-ever Mattel family entertainment center opened in Abu Dhabi this month, offering an immersive experience into the group’s top brands.

Named Mission:Play! by Mattel, families can step into the world of Barbie, Hot Wheels and Mega Blocks with interactive games and exclusive brand experiences.

The ‘You Can Be Anything’ world by Barbie®  lets children create a world of diversity, inclusiveness, and limitless potential. The Hot Wheels® attractions allows kids to connect with each other and ignite their challenger spirit. At the MEGA® zone, unique play experiences are set up to unlock creativity, and encourage exploration through hands-on creative-building activities.

The Mattel group designed the center by considering impactful insights to drive success.

“One major insight is the trans-generational appeal of Mattel’s brands, such as Barbie and Hot Wheels, which have been cherished for decades,” said Apostolis Karampatzakis, VP & Country Manager PEM at Mattel.

Apostolis Karampatzakis, VP & Country Manager PEM, Mattel

“This insight guided the marketing strategy to talk to both the parents that remember the brands from their childhood while introducing new experiences for children.”

The group also considered how the need for creative enrichment is highly-valued by families with young children in the region.

“Another insight revealed a strong preference for interactive and immersive play experiences among families in the region, which influenced the design and promotion of the themed brand zones,” he said.

This incorporates the strategic promotion of Barbie’s message: You Can Be Anything.

“Emphasizing themes of creativity and imagination aligns with the values and aspirations of families in the MENA region,” said Karampatzakis.

Mattel plans to adopt a strong influencer marketing strategy to ensure the success of the maiden play center.

“Influencer collaborations will be key, engaging local influencers and family-oriented social media personalities to share their personal experiences at Mission: Play! by Mattel through posts, stories, and live streams.”

He also emphasized that social media engagement will also play a crucial role, with interactive campaigns and user generated content inviting families to share their excitement and experiences.

“Community involvement will be emphasized through partnerships with local organisations and participation in regional events, putting Mattel at the heart of the community,” he said.

Mission:Play! is located at Galleria Mall, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi.