The Hub unlocks the door for A Digital Com to better serve its global network

A Digital Com, a Middle East tech company, now has single-login enterprise advertising software to optimise media buys across the world

Technology company CtrlShift is taking its enterprise advertising software, The Hub, across the globe with tech solutions provider A Digital Com.

A Digital Com has been taking a proactive approach to consolidate activation and reporting, in its mission to maximise the efficiency of its media buying practice. Agnostic in the way they operate, A Digital Com went through a rigorous evaluation process to search for a multi-channel platform to empower its trading team to execute business-critical strategies and deliver world-class results for its clientele. “Being mindful of the impact that emerging technologies can yield has put us top-of-mind with forward-looking clients. Working closely with our team, our clients are able to understand the nuances of programmatic and its role in delivering maximum efficiency through optimised spending across a multi-channel environment,” said Ali Zalzali, senior director of A Digital Com.

With The Hub, A Digital Com can now access multiple industry-leading, pre-evaluated platforms via a single-login, allowing them to advertise across search, social, programmatic and various media buying platforms that connect to a wide-ranging audience network. The Hub is integrated with the likes of MediaMath, AppNexus, iPinYou, Zemanta, Amobee, Verizon Media, Facebook and DV360, and connect into ad servers and DMPs.

The Hub also provides an automation layer that complements the extensive knowledge and goal-oriented strategies of A Digital Com’s trading team, allowing them to optimise campaigns from inception to execution and post-campaign in a near real-time environment for maximum efficiency.

A Digital Com’s first campaign for a tourism brand deployed through The Hub connected its client to an extensive audience network across 40 countries. Utilising engaging video formats across over-the-top platforms, skin video and outstream, the campaign delivered more than 60% viewability and completion rates, exceeding the campaign performance expectations that A Digital Com typically achieved in the walled gardens. ‘Human and machine must work together, with the former taking the lead and drawing on years of experience, to analyse how strategies can and should be effectively deployed in tandem with the holistic view provided by The Hub,” added Zalzali.

“CtrlShift’s vision has always been about providing an optimised and business-efficient solution for brands and agencies looking to target the right audience in an increasingly complex media landscape. With The Hub, we are constantly evaluating and integrating world-class platforms to widen the audience reach for advertisers,” said Paula Harrison, Chief Solutions Officer at CtrlShift.

“Within the next two years, there will be a sharp shift in the channels where advertisers deploy their media spend for maximum efficiency. The definition of programmatic will evolve, including any audience or media that can be accessed in an automated way. And The Hub is more than just an agnostic aggregator to help brands and agencies, like A Digital Com, enhance their existing and future media campaigns; it is fast becoming an essential tool for high-performance programmatic trading teams to conceive, execute and optimise results-driven campaigns that deliver on the types of outcomes brands increasingly desire,” added Harrison.

The Hub serves brands and agency trading desks from the financial, technology, travel and publishing sectors. The enterprise advertising software is available globally, serviced by consultation teams in Singapore, Australia, Middle East, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.