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The emergence of a new mobile gaming landscape



The mobile gaming landscape is constantly evolving and marketers face a challenge in engaging with their target audience.

The modern gamer seeks out immersive, social, and innovative experiences. To meet their needs brands have adapted their growth strategies to build an emotional connection and long term loyalty with players.

TikTok in collaboration with National Research Group has released a new report on mobile game marketing trends.

The report highlights strategies game marketers can use to adapt to the shifting mobile gaming landscape. It includes three key takeaways:

  1. “A major shift in the mobile gaming landscape means marketers must adapt their strategies to prioritise long-term player loyalty
  2. Success in this new landscape revolves around three core pillars: establishing cultural relevance, building connections with players, and fostering a sense of community
  3. The evolution of the mobile gaming landscape has brought with it a new type of mobile gamer. Understanding the modern gamer will be vital for any publisher looking to establish player trust in this new environment”

The report also looks at demographic trends among modern gamers, which could help marketers with their approach.

It also highlights how publishers can build a sense of community and bring players together around shared passions and experiences.

It states, “61 per cent of modern gamers believe that connecting to like-minded players through mobile games is important.”

“Modern gamers are 27 per cent more likely to recommend games that their friends are talking about.”

When gamers are socially connected they would strongly recommend to family, friends, and their networks on social media.

You can view the full A New Era for Mobile Gaming” report here.