The branding opportunity in Dubai’s luxury residences

By Jalaja Ramanunni

The Armani Residences in Burj Khalifa were the first branded residences to open in Dubai in 2010. Since then, the demand for these luxurious residences has shown no sign of slowing down.

By the end of 2022, Dubai had 71 branded residence schemes—the number is 22 per cent higher than the first half of 2022. It involves high-end brands such as Lamborghini, Armani, Bulgari and The Four Seasons.

These properties are often designed in partnership with luxury brands and offer an immersive experience with a range of premium amenities and services. It has become a popular choice for affluent buyers who are looking for a unique and exclusive living experience.

According to Savills, the Middle East witnessed the strongest growth of branded residences globally. Branded residences in EMEA markets have rapidly grown since 2005, the Savills’ report states. “Growing from seven schemes in the region in 2005, the sector now accounts for 209 schemes and is forecast to expand a further 83 per cent by 2030”.

The market for branded residences will continue to be driven by affluent, high-net worth individuals (HNWIs) around the world. The report adds that the number of HNWIs across the EMEA region has grown by 27 per cent in the past five years, providing an expanding client base for branded residential schemes.

In the past, luxury brands were commonly associated with fashion, jewelry or automobiles. However, in recent times, branded residences have emerged as a new trend, incorporating high-end luxury brands into living spaces.

Danube Properties has just launched its branded residential tower called Fashionz, in collaboration with FashionTV, an international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel founded in France in 1997. The property offers a FashionTV gym, FashionTV rooftop bar with a swimming pool, FashionTV restaurants and FashionTV cafes to its residents.

“Partnering with Danube Properties to create Fashionz has been a natural fit for us. Our brand is all about luxury, elegance, and beauty, and we believe that Fashionz will embody those qualities, creating a truly unique living experience for our residents,” says FashionTV CEO, Maximilian Dennis Edelweiss.

How does it work?

Branded residences were historically dominated by luxury hotel chains. Lately, lifestyle brands have been expanding their presence through collaborations with residential properties.

Typically, branded residences involve a collaboration between a brand and a developer. The brand provides a license to the developer to promote and offer residential properties that integrate their brand. Additionally, in some instances, the brand assumes responsibility for managing and maintaining the residential properties.