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Teads measures World Cup attention

Teads, the global media platform,  revealed the results of Kraft Heinz Qatar’s World Cup campaign, the first Attention measurement campaign in Middle East & Africa, which leveraged creatives developed by Teads Studio to maximise the impact of ads during this key period.

Running throughout December 2022 in the United Arab Emirates, the campaign’s main objective was to generate awareness for Heinz’s World Cup campaign. The campaign leveraged 14 different formats – 9 video and 5 display formats – developed ad hoc by Teads Studio, the team dedicated to optimising brand creative assets for Teads’ proprietary formats.

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Eyes on Dwell time – the average number of seconds users actually looked at the ad – was 40% above Teads’ benchmark and 118% above the Lumen LAMP benchmark. View Rate – the percentage of impressions receiving eye fixation – stood 91% above the Lumen LAMP benchmark. The APM – the seconds of attention obtained by the ad every 1,000 impressions – resulted in +32% over Teads’ benchmark and +320% in comparison with Lumen LAMP benchmark.

“Nowadays, for a brand, measuring a qualitative metric such as the attention of users exposed to its campaign is crucial to drive strategic activities in the medium and long term. This is particularly true for the CPG sector, where competition for sales is particularly intense. Teads recognises this need and provides tools such as the attention program to assist its partners in implementing cutting-edge strategies for even greater success. Teads’ collaboration with Kraft is a prime example of this commitment in action.”
Majda Benmoussa, Business Director, Teads MEA

“Attention Measurement immediately caught my attention, it is very intuitive and there is an appetite for this data from businesses. Although the technology still needs further development in terms of understanding Target/context/platforms; these learnings from Teads will be useful in optimising our future media plans.”
Passant El – Ghannam, Marketing Director MEA & Turkey, Kraft Heinz

“For the past 3 years, Dentsu has been exploring how to unlock and activate the Currency of Attention, having appreciated that the current fragmented and complex media landscape creates a deficit of attention, yet the current way of planning values all impressions equally. Hence we’ve been hearing about the global efforts to transform how media is planned and bought whilst simultaneously seeking ways to bring the research to the MENA market.

I think this technology needs to be the new buying metrics and something we evaluate our media performance on. Across the markets where attention economy studies have been executed there’s a consistent and significant difference between our current belief of viewability and what is actually viewed with human eyeballs. Agencies and advertisers that are self-aware in seeking more accuracy in digital metrics are inevitably going to benefit from a harder working plan and ultimately have a stronger chance in the battle for attention. Attention will eventually become a universally recognised metric but requires mass alignment across Suppliers, Martech and Brands.

Within the Dentsu network we know what to expect from lumen’s technology and overall this experience with Teads was a very smooth one to set up. Now we have the results that break things down in a clear and simple story, we have the secret sauce needed for Heinz to continue outsmarting a cluttered landscape,” said Mohamad Ghandour – Client Lead, Dentsu