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Sun & Sand Sports: “Memories from the sole”

GMG’s Sun & Sand Sports has launched a sports footwear campaign titled ‘Memories from the sole.’

It brings together people’s unique journeys that are connected by their shoes. The shoes are portrayed not just as accessories, but elements that help reflect personal growth, challenges, and triumphs.

The campaign aims to go beyond the realms of footwear. It celebrates unique stories that people from all walks of life write with every step they take, an ode to each pair resonating the memorable moments that they have lived through.

These memories become embossed in their soles and leave not just footprints, but memories of a life well-traveled.

The hero film delves into the lives of three protagonists – a mom-to-be, a runner, and a photographer. Together, these narratives intertwine, showcasing how shoes can be central to our life’s stories, carrying meaning far beyond their physical use.

Mohamed Bodiat, Senior Vice President Brands – Sports at GMG, said:”Consumers have been reassessing what matters most to them, affecting not only what they want and need, but their perception of what constitutes value. They have realized that finding comfort through screens comes at the cost of meaningful, real-life relationships, and are seeking new forms of intimacy for the sake of their physical and mental health.

“They are now on the lookout for authentic connections with brands they love through their community. We have always looked at our audiences as not just consumers, but active contributors to the brand narrative and this campaign aims to enhance just that.”

The wide range of footwear and accessories featured in the campaign visuals includes global brands such as Nike, adidas, New Balance and Puma.

By leveraging a full mix of channels including digital media, radio, in-store customisation (in select UAE and KSA stores), and influencer partnerships, the campaign encourages everyone to open their diaries and share moments that mix joy and nostalgia around footwear.