Students host AI competition for students

Credits: Freepik

UAE students have taken up the initiative to launch a student competition based on AI.

The UAE InnovAIte Hackathon team, a group of students at Dubai College, organising the event revealed that they’ll be hosting an AI hackathon aimed at fostering innovation within the UAE.

The event will be held in collaboration with the UAE National Program for Coders on the 1st March to the 3rd March.

The hack-a-thon will take place over 24 hours where the brief will be revealed on the first day, followed by presentations to determine the winner on the third day.

The hackathon aims to show that the use of AI does not require complex mathematics or tedious data processing which have steep learning curves.

It will focus on how with the use of specific tools, students can create AI-focused solutions.

The event is specifically tailored for high school students, created with the aim of providing them with the opportunity to collaborate in teams and leverage AI technologies to design and create innovative products.

The competition is sponsored by brands such as ENBD, Hale, and DIFC.

The hack-a-thon is said to giveaway more than 10,000 AED in prizes.

The competition aims to inspire the next generation to explore AI.

Registrations are free of charge and are open here