JCDecaux: street advertising at Jumeirah Road

Connecting brands with premium audiences

Image Credit: JCDecaux

As a global leader in Out-Of-Home Advertising and the only international player in the Middle East, JCDecaux has established a strong presence within Dubai, not only at Dubai International Airport (DXB), but also having street concessions across strategic locations allowing advertisers to effectively reach a niche and qualitative audience.

In Dubai’s bustling urban environment and continuously evolving advertising landscape, JCDecaux carefully chose the iconic Jumeirah Road, a prime location in the city, to provide brands with an opportunity to capture the attention of consumers in an engaging way.


With its high-end residences, luxury hotels, trendy restaurants and beach-clubs, Jumeirah Road attracts a discerning audience seeking a premium lifestyle experience. Be it tourists visiting Dubai or residents looking for a weekend activity, Jumeirah Road area offers a variety of exclusive experiences. As published by Webster Pacific in October 2022, Jumeirah Road has the largest concentration of Dubai’s High Net Worth Individuals, making it a key area to reach elite and premium audiences.

Recognising the potential of this prime location, JCDecaux strategically deployed its outdoor advertising solutions with over 300 lightboxes on lampposts across the road, stretching from Madinat Jumeirah to Union Flag. Unlike most other locations in Dubai, Jumeirah Road is an uncluttered advertising environment, providing brands with high visibility, repetition and coverage.


Committed to delivering effective out-of-home media solutions, JCDecaux continuously invests in extensive research and studies to provide intelligence to its advertisers. For years, the company has partnered regularly with a UK-based research agency to conduct a thorough analysis of the audience dynamics along the road.

Through this research, JCDecaux gained in-depth insights on audience profiles, consumers behaviour, motivations as well as preferences. For instance, its last study reveals that on average 76 per cent of people seeing advertising on Jumeirah Road are likely to consider the advertised brand’s products or services.

“When working with JCDecaux, brands have access to premium audiences and exclusive environments ”


Based on these insights, four distinct networks were created in a way to cater to specific audience segments, allowing brands to communicate their messages more effectively and generate impactful results. The ‘Luxury’ networks, for instance, target affluent individuals seeking high-end experiences and premium products.

The ‘Lifestyle’ package addresses the aspirational and young individuals seeking an active and enriching lifestyle. The ‘Heart of Jumeirah’ network connects with the residential community and Arab expats living in the area, and the ‘Leisure’ network strategically targets tourists and residents participating in recreational activities and entertainment.

Recognising the importance of staying up-to-date with evolving audience preferences, JCDecaux undertakes on a yearly basis a study refresher to re-confirm the value of Jumeirah Road and its audiences. Its objective remains the same: to ensure that brands can reach the right audiences at the right place with relevant messaging, thereby maximising impact and brand recognition.


In addition to providing the ideal platforms for brands to communicate with these audiences, JCDecaux also helps advertisers seamlessly take their campaigns to the next level, through JCDecaux Data Solutions: a portfolio of global and local data solutions that enable advertisers to boost the efficiency of their media investment.

From optimising their advertising visuals before the campaign using a ‘creative heatmap’, a solution leveraging on artificial intelligence to estimate the attention performance of a campaign visual, to evaluating the impact of its advertising with tailor-made post-campaign surveys, it is committed to providing valuable insights and intelligence to advertisers.

When working with JCDecaux, brands have access to premium audiences and exclusive environments and are supported with data solutions at every step of their campaign.