Stagestruck expands globally with new office launch in Qatar


Stagestruck has announced the opening of its new office in Doha. 

The opening and expansion marks a key milestone as it coincides with the 40th anniversary of Stagestruck, a UK-headquartered agency that has grown into a player in the events and experience sector, working with globally recognised brands across a range of categories.

Stagestruck, from its new base in the region, aims to integrate its international network of specialists with a “local first” strategy. This approach seeks to blend global and local expertise to build a sustainable ecosystem that serves the interests of both the business and the Qatari community.

Tom Cordory, Head of Region at Stagestruck Qatar, said: “We appreciate the importance of understanding and embracing the rich culture here in Qatar. We’ve undertaken extensive research, engaging with local experts, to make sure we infuse true authenticity into the events we have planned for the region. Our aim is to create exceptional experiences that inspire both the people of Qatar and global audiences while also respecting local traditions and values.”

With its integrated in-house capabilities, spanning digital, creativity, technology, scenic and project management, Stagestruck is also looking to build long term relationships with local partners in the region.

To maximise value, it will source ethically and responsibly, with a focus on ensuring sustainable production processes at every stage in the supply chain. 

The emphasis on ethical and responsible sourcing demonstrates a conscientious approach to procurement, where considerations for social and environmental impacts are integral to decision-making.

Tom Cordory, Head of Region at Stagestruck Qatar, said: “We’re excited to bring ‘Big Ideas, exceptional outcomes’ to Qatar and partner with ambitious brands to create captivating events and experiences that make an impact locally and across the region.”