Speak local or fall on deaf ears

Hashtag’s Abeer Alamoudi gives some pointers for brands looking to make an impact in Saudi Arabia

Image Credit: Hashtag

In the realm of social media marketing, understanding the cultural nuances and preferences of your target audience is crucial for success. For brands seeking to captivate the Saudi Arabian market, localising captions plays a pivotal role in establishing a strong connection with the audience. This article explores the power of localising captions in social media campaigns, delving into the strategies and benefits of tailoring content to resonate with Saudi Arabian users.


Saudi Arabia boasts a rich cultural heritage, with its own customs, traditions, and dialects. By incorporating localised captions in social media content, brands can demonstrate a deep understanding and appreciation of the local culture. This fosters a sense of connection, establishing an emotional bond between the brand and its Saudi audience.


Arabic is the primary language in Saudi Arabia, but it’s important to note that different regions may have variations in dialect. Adapting captions to the specific dialects prevalent in different parts of the country showcases a commitment to linguistic accuracy and creates a personalized experience for Saudi users. This attention to detail enhances the brand’s credibility and relatability.

‘‘Brands should consider tailoring their captions to suit the specific platform on which they are engaging with the Saudi audience”


Localisation enables brands to effectively communicate their core values and messaging in a culturally relevant manner. By integrating local idioms, phrases, and references into captions, brands can convey their message in a way that resonates deeply with the Saudi audience. This tailored approach showcases a brand’s commitment to understanding the local context and establishes a strong brand identity within the market.


Localised captions have the power to capture the attention of Saudi social media users, leading to increased engagement and reach. When users encounter content that speaks their language and reflects their culture, they are more likely to interact with it by liking, commenting, and sharing. This heightened engagement not only amplifi es the brand’s message within the target market but also increases its visibility as users organically spread the content among their networks.


By employing localised captions, brands can build trust and foster a sense of loyalty among Saudi consumers. When brands invest in understanding the local culture and language, it demonstrates respect and an authentic desire to connect with the audience. This, in turn, cultivates a loyal customer base who appreciates the brand’s efforts to cater to their unique needs and preferences.


Collaborating with local influencers who have a deep understanding of the Saudi market further enhances the effectiveness of localised captions. These influencers can provide invaluable insights into cultural references, language nuances, and trending topics that resonate with their followers. By incorporating localised captions in collaboration with trusted local influencers, brands can establish a credible and authentic presence in the Saudi social media landscape.


Different social media platforms have their own dynamics and user preferences. Brands should consider tailoring their captions to suit the specific platform on which they are engaging with the Saudi audience. For example, utilising trending hashtags, employing colloquial language, and capitalising on popular cultural events can significantly enhance the visibility and engagement of content.

As brands seek to tap into the Saudi Arabian social media market, the power of localising captions cannot be overstated. By incorporating culturally relevant language, dialects, and references, brands can establish a deep connection with the Saudi audience, driving increased engagement, trust, and loyalty. In a landscape where personalisation and cultural relevance are highly valued, mastering the art of localised captions is key to unlocking the vast potential of the Saudi social media market.