Social media features and updates of the month

Credit: Netizency


TikTok’s Effect Creator Rewards programme has finally reached the UAE.

The programme rewards creators for the effects they make using its AR development platform.

This expansion introduces a significant shift in the payment structure.

Creators will receive varying payouts based on the regional usage of their effects in videos, among other factors, ensuring fair compensation.

To start earning rewards, creators need their effects to appear in 200,000 videos and a reduction from the previous 500,000 requirement.

In a move that will answer critics of TikTok’s original Creator Fund, the app is also updating the structure of the rewards programme so that its payouts are more dynamic.

Rather than paying out lump sums as effects reach certain benchmarks, TikTok is varying the Rewards Programme depending on each creator’s region.

The new rules also provide more cash-out opportunities for creators who have already started earning from their effects.

Credit: Netizency


Threads will soon add a new ‘Trending Topics’ element, which will make it easier for users to stay up with the latest discussions in the app.

The new trending list would display all of the top conversations happening in Threads at any given time.

Users would then be able to tap through on any topic to see what people are saying, as they can on X.

Threads is also looking to add more post creation elements, including voice posts, GIFs, and polls in-stream.