SeaWorld Yas Island Abu Dhabi takes over SZR with Media Mix Advertising

Following Etisalat’s Ramadan Campaign, SeaWorld Yas Island Abu Dhabi is Media Mix Advertising’s fifth client to execute a different marketing strategy: the Total Takeover of a 30-kilometer stretch on Sheikh Zayed Road.
Since acquiring the SZR Unipoles in July 2022, Media Mix has collaborated with Warner Bros, Etisalat, National Dairy, Mission Ferrari, and SeaWorld.

“The reason why this is becoming a highly sought-after marketing strategy stems from Media Mix’s innovative idea of exclusively selling all 21 unipoles to one client. With their dual traffic visibility and high-frequency large format display, these unmissable unipoles attract the attention of anyone traveling between Dubai to Abu Dhabi; from daily commuters to leisurely weekend road trips.

Media Mix proudly and confidently rates their Total Takeover strategy as having a one-time effective frequency,” said a spokesperson in a statement.

Media Mix aspires to consistently provide its clients with unique products and services that foster creativity, innovation, and growth.