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Saudi Sports for All Federation launches new campaign to encourage fitness

The lighthearted campaign 'MoveYourWorld initiative' offers a museum experience wherever you are

Saudi Sports for All Federation’s has launched a new campaign titled ‘MoveYourWorld initiative’.

The campaign aimed to confront the prospect of a life lacking of motion, unlike other national motivational awareness campaigns that encourage exercise.

Recently, the people of Saudi Arabia took to social media to celebrate life in motion.

The pictures diversified from a father, with his daughter on his back doing  push-ups, friends banding together to rescue a stranded car, and women engaged in a tennis match.

These snapshots were all part of Saudi Sports for All Federation’s (SFA) #MoveYourWorld initiative, which conveyed a message far beyond the immediate benefits of physical activity.

Launched in July 2023, a month NASA declared as the hottest on record since 1880, it served as a stark reminder that our changing climate poses an existential threat to humanity.

In August 2023, SFA introduced a digital experience – a virtual journey through the Museum of Extinct Mobility.

This expedition transported participants to a world where those who once ran, walked, climbed, and thrived are now encased in transparent boxes, like forgotten species.

This imagery, highlighted by The Global Assessment Report on biodiversity and ecosystem services forces us to wonder: Could ‘human beings in motion’ become one of those endangered species?

To ensure the campaign reached diverse audiences, SFA collaborated with Webedia Arabia to spread it across a wide range of online and offline platforms, including Shahid and Twitch.

Ammar Alamro, Head of Communications at SFA, said: “Our aim was not only to educate the population on fitness; we wanted to inspire the nation to make life-affirming choices.

“I hope it continues to make a profound difference in our society, encouraging a healthier, happier, and more connected Saudi Arabia.

“An active lifestyle is healthy in a mindful sense, not just a physical one, and campaigns like #MoveYourWorld promote a range of ideas, and show the many benefits that being active can bring.”

George Maktabi, Group CEO of Webedia Arabia, said: “Choosing a non-traditional path is never easy. It’s far safer to opt for familiar content and visuals.

“But when the well-being and future of society hang in the balance, we, as content creators and digital innovators, must go the extra mile.

“We must design and execute a campaign that not only resonates with everyone but also compels them to reevaluate their life choices.

“Webedia Arabia is taking this message to heart within our organization, offering weekly stretching sessions, and investing in facilities and equipment to facilitate physical activity during office hours.

Life choices

According to recent statistics, Saudis are indeed reassessing their life choices, with SFA at the forefront of this transformative movement.

At a time when global data spanning 194 countries reveals sluggish progress in physical activity levels since, Saudi Arabia stands out as a beacon of progress.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund launched SRJ Sports Investments Co, a new sports investment firm aimed at driving the growth of the sports sector within the Kingdom.

This partnership underscores SFA’s commitment to fostering a culture of physical activity and well-being in the Kingdom.