SAS to represent Air India’s new in-flight magazine

Strategic Advertising Solutions (SAS) Media has been appointed as the media and advertising representative for BurdaLuxury, an independent media house based across Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

The media house’s partnership with SAS aims to represent Air India’s new in-flight magazine, namaste.ai, in the GCC region.

The Indian airlines has launched the new magazine across all its domestic and international flights this year in late July. Namaste.ai has replaced the airline’s previous bilingual magazine, Shubh Yatra.

The content in the magazine will cover a range of travel destinations and travel content. The magazine will also feature content covering topics such as technology, gastronomy, culture and showbiz.

The collaboration aims to provide Gulf-based brands and enterprises the opportunity to extend their reach to namaste.ai’s readership.

Through the partnership, the magazine aims to cater to the large number of Indians who live in the GCC and frequently travel between India and their country of residence.

According to India’s External Affairs Ministry, the number of non-resident Indians in the UAE stands at 3.41 million, followed by 2.59 million in Saudi Arabia, 1.02 million in Kuwait, 740,000 in Qatar, 770,000 in Oman and 320,000 in Bahrain.

Simon Clays, Director of Print Operations and Strategy, Asia at BurdaLuxury and Publisher of namaste.ai, shares his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join hands with SAS Media for this remarkable venture.

“BurdaLuxury has always been committed to delivering premium content to the discerning audience, and namaste.ai presents a fantastic opportunity to showcase the beauty and diversity of India and its culture to our readers in the Gulf region.”

Mamta Pillai, Chief Executive Officer of SAS Media, adds, “As SAS Media collaborates with BurdaLuxury to represent namaste.ai in the Gulf, this alliance represents a significant milestone in the airline and media sectors.

“The agreement will enhance the reading experience of Air India passengers while also offering businesses in the Gulf with a compelling avenue for targeted and effective advertising.”

Apart from the launch of its new in-flight, Air India has also recently announced its brand transformation and  revealed a new logo, branding and plane livery.