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Reddit rolls out ad creation tools and AI copy tips

Reddit has rolled out updates to its ad creation tools, including the introduction of generative AI copy suggestions, custom asset cropping, improved bid management options, and more.

The AI feature aims to streamline the ad creation process for marketers by providing them with AI-generated suggestions for ad copy.

With the help of machine learning algorithms, Reddit’s ad platform can now analyse various factors such as target audience, ad objectives, and past performance data to generate relevant and effective ad copy suggestions.

This not only saves time for advertisers but also ensures that the ad content is optimised for engagement and conversion.

The platforms ad creation updates also include improvements to its targeting options, creative assets, and performance tracking tools.

These enhancements further help advertisers to create highly personalised and impactful ad campaigns on the platform.

For advertisers launching their first campaign in the app, using insights derived from app engagement can provide guidance. Understanding what content and messaging drive engagement within the app can help advertisers craft ads that are better aligned with user preferences and behaviours.

This approach allows advertisers to create more relevant and engaging content, improving campaign performance and ROI.

Reddit’s ‘Creative Asset Cropper’  is a  tool for advertisers looking to optimise their content for the platform.

Advertisers can easily crop their images to adhere to Reddit’s specific ad format specifications, ensuring that their content looks professional.

By customising their images in this way, advertisers can better engage Reddit’s user base and increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns through visually appealing ads.