Rebranded Saudi studio launches with new talent initiative

Alamiya Filmed Entertainment (AFE), a Riyadh–based independent film studio, announced its official launch and plans following its acquisition of Lyra Pictures, last year.

The film studio has established its operations across Riyadh, Dubai, and Los Angeles, under the leadership of Wesam Kattan and Bassma El Afghani, CEO and President of AFE.

The studio aims to leverage its global expertise and local insights to create films that resonate with a broad audience.

Their portfolio of upcoming films includes a female-led action comedy set in Turkey, a true story of a legendary Saudi drifter, and a British biopic about an F1 legend.

Sultan Al Muheisen, CEO and Chairman of Alamiya Media and Chairman of AFE, shares progress since the Lyra’s acquisition, “With AFE, we are bringing unprecedented creativity and influence to the film industry. Our vision is ambitious, and our goals are set high for the future of film in the region.”

The studio also places a strong emphasis on nurturing talent in the industry.

“Our approach combines bespoke filmmaking processes, an evidence-based strategy for slate development, and a robust talent program to nurture the next generation of filmmakers,” said Wesam Kattan.

As part of its commitment to nurturing and championing talent, AFE has plans for programs addressing multiple areas of filmmaking, including writing, producing, and Below-The-Line (BTL) professions.

El Afghani said, “Talent cultivation is a key strategic focus for us at AFE. Our entire team is committed to championing emerging professionals from all facets of the filmmaking process.

She also announced the launch of the studio’s first initiative, their inaugural Writers’ Masterclass.

The master class will see writers and producers use their own passion projects to explore the creative and legal considerations that go into adapting an existing story for the big screen.

The studio also suggested that they would be sharing more such initiatives for local talent.