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Raw Coffee rebrands to celebrate 15 years

By Kim Thompson, Co-owner and Managing Director, RAW Coffee Company

Dubai based RAW Coffee Company celebrated its 15 years anniversary through rebranding and sustainability initiatives. Marking 15 years of bringing wonderful specialty coffee to the UAE, RAW also solidified its commitment to ethical business practices. Its desire to drive change within the coffee industry is now extended into its individually designed, tech-forward, and sustainable coffee packaging solution. RAW Coffee Company’s co-owner and managing director, Kim Thompson looks at their process of rebranding while accounting for RAW’s sustainability initiatives.

Founder, Owner and Managing Director, Kim Thompson (L) and Owner and CEO, Matt Toogood

We took our existing core values which are based on direct and ethical sourcing of Arabica coffee beans,  and extended this accountability and the impact on the environment, using the latest available materials and technology.

We use new innovations in digital printing technology, a material made from recycled plastic milk bottles, and polymer-based inks that are less hazardous pollutants (HAPs and VOCs) and that are more earth-friendly, creating photo-perfect finishes.

These new bags provide an excellent high-barrier storage option, guaranteeing no moisture, oxygen, or aroma entering or leaving the coffee beans, ensuring freshly roasted beans are delivered at their peak freshness.

From a design perspective, We customised the bag shape and developed and refreshed our branding based on the new bag design.  The design and shape of the bag are made to preserve the freshest beans and the design extends to their apparel, website, sub-brands, and retail area. With the new design and this fully recyclable packaging, including recycled zippers there is also a strong digital component that allows the customer to connect even further using dynamic and secure QR codes on each design.  This allows the end customers to dive as deeply into the product and understand the story about each bag of coffee on a customized and individual level.

From a logistics and supply perspective, this packaging offers a diversity of shorter runs and individual barcodes which allows flexibility for our design team and integration of design with the supply chain. To close the loop, We also welcome customers to recycle their used packaging with their recycling partner, ensuring our bags don’t end up in a landfill.

We aim to cater to the  wider segment of socially conscious consumers who are searching for businesses like RAW, who share a commitment to meaningful long-term impact, and who define sustainability as a vital part of the coffee industry.