PUMA: “This year, all bets are off”

The landscape has no shortage of sports brands competing for consumers’ attention, says PUMA’S Taner Seyis

“The landscape has no shortage of sports brands competing for consumers’ attention, but our perspective at PUMA is that this year, all bets are off. The opportunity to innovate and create will not come down to competition, it will come down to collaboration.

Integration. Collaboration. Redefinition. These three concepts are set to make all the difference this year as sports meets lifestyle to change the landscape in 2024, with the spotlight placed on making global more local, and unlocking the power of partnership to activate new horizons for sports brands.

In our 75 years of operations, we at PUMA have positioned ourselves as the brand at the intersection of sports, culture, fashion, and innovation – with collaboration at our core.


Collaboration has helped reshape and redefine what sports brands are capable of and how they tap into the zeitgeist, and in the process connect with their fans. This approach has helped sports brands keep pace with rapidly shifting consumer tastes – and is set to be the linchpin of sports trends for the new year.

2024 will be defined by collaboration and integrating with the region’s ever-growing passion for sports culture and as a result redefine what it means to be a sporting brand.

How did we get here? A clear build-up following a shifting cultural and social landscape, driven by new aspirations, new creative approaches, and by passion.


Over the past year brands in the GCC have been witnessing a major transformation with the region’s fast-paced prosperity and growth. So how should brands aim to meet this challenge? By seeing it for the opportunity it is, and lock hands with the gamechangers of today, the creatives, athletes, and innovators to create, innovate, and propel sports culture forward through the power of collaboration.

For the upcoming year, PUMA Middle East is utilising this tenet to deliver new experiences powered by partnerships and fan passions.

We take pride in our ability to integrate within the communities we operate in, localising the brand’s presence, and investing in local initiatives, championing growing core passions such as football and sports in the region, as we reflect what our consumers care about.

While brands vie for the top spot among consumers, the 2024 formula to success will be tying brand strength with impact-driven partnerships to deliver experiences and redefine the sports landscape.

Local partnership is crucial to engaging local communities, driving brand presence and preference, while demonstrating that we genuinely care about the communities and individuals that we serve.


But integration can go even further, beyond working with established icons and popular community centres, a spotlight on everyday athletes is key focus. People with drive, passion, and skill across the sporting world inspire us every day.

When we work with them, we tap into an idea that can inspire our everyday customers, who can see themselves reflected in their accomplishments. A major pillar in our mission and strategy is community engagement and integration by working closely with professional athletes in the region and aiding them in growing their career passions.

We select ambassadors with emphasis on their drive and ability in sports rather than their following. This initiative is a celebration of uniqueness, individuality, and sports as it supports the journey of professional athletes who are grassroots icons of the community by signing them as ambassadors.”

By Taner Seyis, PUMA Middle East Managing Director