Property Finder ‘opens doors’ campaign to drive real estate growth

Property Finder has launched its latest campaign ‘We Open Doors’, recognising community living as a key driver for property seekers.

The campaign highlights the need to shift from property focused to community centric search as the way forward. It also shows the growing influence of lifestyles on real estate growth.

With recent data showing a rise in ownership, off-plan investments and foreign interest, it reveals a new emerging aspect within the nation’s thriving property market.

Tapping into evolving needs of consumers, ‘We Open Doors’ is inspired by consumer research conducted by Property Finder on common search behavior.

According to the recent qualitative study, most consumers are seeking communities that are in line with their desired lifestyles.

The study reveals findings related to consumer search journeys when looking to buy, rent or invest in properties across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It also showed the contribution of property portals within the UAE’s fast evolving real estate landscape.

Based on the study, quality of life is one of the most highlighted factors strongly influencing buying decisions in the UAE. Residents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are most attracted by the country’s high security levels, developed facilities, convenient and accessible services.

Another key finding of the research reveals that due to the complexity of decision making, most respondents describe home search to be overwhelming.

Platforms like Property Finder provide an immersive property search journey, powered by 360 degree tools and features like Data Guru for a deeper understanding of their communities, beyond listing specific data.

Michael Lahyani, Founder, Property Finder, said: “At Property Finder, we are committed to playing our role in prioritizing the needs of homeseeker in order to drive success that aligns with the nation’s wider ambitions. When I started Property Finder, I personally witnessed first hand how evolving and emerging communities helped UAE to push boundaries in terms of new lifestyle and ignite the growth of real estate.

“The UAE is witnessing one of its biggest and boldest transformations in its history. There has never been a better time to celebrate  our vibrant communities, continue to attract foreign investors, and shift mindsets from locations to lifestyles. I can proudly say that communities are part of our founding DNA. Our  platform is designed in a way to allow our users to discover and  understand different communities thanks to tools such as `Data Guru`. ”

Sevgi Gur, CMO at Property Finder, said:Buying or renting a home is one of the most important decisions of a person’s life. As a brand and platform, we understand the complexity and importance of the decision. Our research clearly shows that  people don’t just pick homes, they pick lifestyles.

“Communities give us a sense of identity and belonging. With this campaign, we are aiming to create a meaningful conversation about the amazing communities of UAE to create greater trust and transparency in real estate,”