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Prism Digital introduces WhatsApp auto chatbot service for hotels

Prism Digital Introduces WhatsApp Auto Chatbot Service for The Hotel Industry

Prism Digital digital marketing agency in the UAE has launched an AI-driven WhatsApp for business chatbot service for the hotel industry in the Middle East and North Africa.

The WhatsAppotel Chatbot will offer hotels the ability to engage with guests and respond to their inquiries intelligently and with full automation which is available round the clock. The WhatsApp chatbot can be programmed to communicate in over 50 languages and hence, can connect the hotel with potential guests and visitors in their local language. With direct WhatsApp booking, it will enable direct bookings and reduce the dependence on online travel agencies. 

Guests can receive virtual booking assistance from the WhatsAppotel chatbot at every stage of the booking process. Starting with giving them all essential facts about the kinds of rooms that are available, the cost per night, any complimentary services, and whether or not rooms are still available at the hotel for the dates the guest has chosen, the hotel can also share video, location maps, discount coupons and links to the hotel website to book with a call to action. 

Lovetto Nazareth, managing director of Prism Digital, promoters of the WhatsAppotel chatbot, stated, “The WhatsAppotel chatbot will enable customers to search for and book rooms directly from their WhatsApp app. This will help hotels before, during, and after the room reservation process and increase the number of direct bookings. This is revolutionary for the hospitality industry where customer experience is paramount to success. Hotels can leverage greatly from robust booking capabilities and marketing automation features of WhatsAppotel chatbot.”