Podeo partners with a messaging app to reach millions of users

Podcast platform Podeo has partnered with messaging company imo.

The partnership aims to see to the distribution of Podeo-hosted podcasts directly to imo’s Voice section. This will connect the podcasters to imo’s active users.

“This strategic partnership grants over 200+ million users instant access to a diverse range of high-quality podcasts directly within the imo app, further enhancing their overall experience,” said Michael Makram, Head of Partnerships in MENA region at imo.

Makram also added, “Partnering with Podeo, the largest podcast platform in the MENA, was a natural choice for us.”

Podeo’s capabilities offers “one-click distribution” to podcast hosts, allowing them to distribute their podcasts to streaming platforms and apps including imo, Apple, Spotify and Anghami.

Any creator globally can easily unlock this exclusive and engaged audience by seamlessly migrating their podcasts from their existing hosting service at no fees and with no downtime to its listeners.

Podeo is experiencing an unprecedented surge in migrations from existing hosting services such as Anchor and Omny, driven by its exclusive distribution alliances and its end-to-end product.

Stefano Fallaha, CEO & Founder of Podeo, said: “Our long-term partnership with imo is a testament to our unwavering commitment to champion the growth and visibility of podcasts.

“This partnership is rocket fuel for podcast discovery, making Podeo the new benchmark for podcast reach in the global industry.”