Phi Advertising goes programmatic with Lemma

Lemma, an independent Supply Side (SSP) Platform for Digital Out of Home (DOOH) and  Phi advertising, a Naif Alrajhi Investment group company and UAE network of digital billboards, have partnered to make PHI’s widespread screen inventory available on Lemma’s DOOH SSP for programmatic purchase.

Phi advertising will leverage Lemma’s supply-side platform to make their roadside inventory available to global demand partners to expand their audience reach across locations in the UAE.

With its integration with global DSPs, Lemma will make Phi’s DOOH inventory available worldwide via the platform for programmatic purchase. Lemma will also aid in boosting fill rates and improving DOOH yields for Phi while infusing the screens with programmatic capabilities of real-time ad sync with weather, traffic, footfalls, and other data variables.

“For years, brands struggled to measure the effectiveness of out-of-home ads, But with Lemma programmatic DOOH solutions, we are confident to promise our clients a high precision targeting and clear-cut ROI for a broadcasted reach,” said, Bashar Dababneh, head of marcomms at Phi Advertising.

Phi advertising is onboarding 50 per cent of their screens onto the Lemma SSP, with hopes to develop a network that is entirely available programmatically.

“The demand for programmatic DOOH is on the rise, and to keep pace with this demand, we at Lemma are onboarding leading providers like Phi advertising to bring more prime and quality inventory to the mix,” said Sabarish Pillai, global programmatic VP, Lemma.

“Working with PHI advertising is exciting, and we look forward to working alongside their team as we bring in a new wave of change in the DOOH space.

Commenting on the new screen partnership, Mohammad Nayeem, sales director of EMEA, Continuum media, said, “This is just another successful beginning to our expansion in the Middle East. We are pleased to have phi screens onboarded with us. It’s only a matter of time before this brings about a significant shift in outdoor advertising.”

Continuum Media is Lemma’s local partner, driving demand for Programmatic DOOH in the MENA region.