OSN+ collaborates with Arab celebrities for new campaign

OSN+ has collaborated with prominent Arab celebrities such as Ascia Alshammiri, Bader Alshuaibi, Aseel Omran, Taha Desouky, Amy Samir Ghanem, and Hassan El Raddad for a new campaign.

The OSN+ ‘No More FOMO’ campaign is a brand initiative aimed at encouraging audiences to explore the diverse range of captivating content available on the streaming platform.

The campaign’s tagline, ‘Watch What You’re Missing,’ is designed to attract viewers to discover the must-see shows and movies on OSN+.

It includes a series of videos that illustrate how even celebrities can experience the discomfort of feeling left out when they miss the latest trending show or movie.

The digital-first approach seeks to break away from conventional media executions and effectively engage younger generations. Each video will depict different scenarios related to being ‘out of the loop’ with trending series.

To amplify the campaign’s reach, the original song has been embraced by leading content creators on TikTok, generating significant momentum as an original sample. It will continue with more exclusive promotional content featuring other celebrities.

Ascia Alshammiri

What does the brand ask you to do?

I had the pleasure of working with OSN+ on its ‘No More FOMO’ campaign. They invited me to join in spreading the word about OSN+’s premium and must-see content. You know that feeling we all get when we’re out of the loop on the latest trending movies and series? Yup, that’s FOMO, and OSN+ and they had the right solution.

I created a killer video for the campaign, showcasing the pain of missing out on the latest shows and movies, while highlighting the variety OSN+ offers.

And guess what? They loved it so much that I got the chance to host their ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 and Sex and the City 25th Anniversary party—pure nostalgia and iconic moments. OSN+ truly brings all those fantastic shows one click away, and that’s close to my heart.

Are the number of followers important to you?

I think they used to be, however the social media scene has changed so heavily since I first started. I don’t chase that kind of growth anymore, it was really unhealthy for me.

Now, it’s all about quality over quantity. As long as my audience is genuine and appreciates what I bring to the table, that’s all that truly matters to me.

My social media is all about expressing myself in the most authentic way possible. I hope my content can inspire others to be true to themselves too.

How do you stay authentic to the brand?

 By being myself. I’ve never shied away from change, from trying new things, from accepting growth in myself, and by trying to find the fun and excitement in everything.

What platforms do you use the most?

I use Instagram the most for my own content, but I consume TikTok like nobody’s business, I can’t get enough of it.

What are your thoughts on threads?

I deleted Twitter two years ago, and it was the best decision I made for myself online.

I’m weary of Threads because of the way Twitter became an intense gathering forum for really negative sentiments towards other people and the world in general. I’m kind of just waiting and watching right now.

Which do you prefer: TikTok or Instagram?

I honestly like both equally because they both serve great purposes.

 What other brands do you work with?

I’ve worked with quite a few over the course of my career, but I’d say that my long-term partnerships are the ones I’m most proud of.

I’m the face of New Balance in the MENA region, I was a long-term role model for Aerie, and I’m currently working with Maserati and lots of amazing beauty brands.

How do you set yourself apart/stand out from other influencers?

It’s all about being true to me. I haven’t tried to stick to a branded version of myself.

Sometimes I think I should have; my social media growth would have continued to grow quickly, and I was on a path to much larger success (whatever that means), but I refuse to be a slave to an online version of myself that went live in 2012.

I have showed up authentically online even when it was an unpopular move, even if it meant losing contracts, losing followers, losing popularity. I am my own first priority, and everyone’s opinions of me are very low on my list.

What creative campaigns and people has inspired/shaped your career?

I don’t think I can pinpoint one but doing the OSN+ ‘No More FOMO’ campaign reminded me how much I love to be on large sets and how very much I would love to pursue acting. I’m making it my goal to move into acting after this campaign. Watch out Hollywood, I’m coming for next.

Bader Alshuaibi

What was the creative process like for the FOMO campaign?

I was very happy with every step of the OSN+ ‘No More FOMO’ campaign’s creative process, right from the idea, conceptualisation, and execution, as well as the dedication and commitment of artists to the project as a whole.

I consider this experience an addition to my love as an artist and the OSN+ programs that are closest to my heart.

Can you tell us more about your experience with the FOMO campaign?

Working on the OSN+ ‘No More FOMO’ campaign has been a great experience. The team was extremely professional, and I learned a lot from this unique experience.

What would you do differently?

There was a lot of hard work put in for the ‘No More FOMO’ campaign, which was completed to the best of the team’s abilities, and nothing can be done to make it better. The work was great, and I am satisfied and happy with the results.

Omar Zohairy

What was the creative process like for the FOMO campaign?

The creative process for OSN+’s ‘No More FOMO’ campaign was perfect. Working with Big Buzz, from the get go we had a clear goal in mind to make entertaining musical spots with a clever concept and catchy music melody.

Our creative process revolved around the big idea of making it entertaining, we started by identifying the FOMO narrative structure that talent could relat to, selecting one of the OSN+ shows that we could anchor the video in, and creating a dramatic situation that would lead the talent break into songs to express the dreaded feeling of FOMO in a comical musical way.

Can you tell us more about your work with the FOMO campaign?

The OSN+ and big Buzz teams came in with a clear vision right from the start, and that made the whole collaboration smooth.

They really pushed us to think outside the box and unleash our creativity to the maximum. The campaign is the epitome of OSN+ and showcases their brand in the most authentic way possible.

These guys know how to push the boundaries of creativity and work seamlessly with us they were amazing collaborators.

When the client and team get the creative process, magic happens. I couldn’t be happier with how this campaign turned out—pure satisfaction.

How would you improve the campaign?

To enhance the campaign further, I would consider creating a longer version that combines all the celebrities, showcasing their individual FOMO situations.

Additionally, exploring a version solely featuring kids without adults could add another layer of charm and appeal to the campaign. Overall, I’m extremely proud of what we achieved, but there’s always room for a little more fun and creativity.