Ogilvy pushes for full disclosure on AI-generated influencer campaigns

It is proposing an act to require brands to clearly disclose the use of any AI-generated influencer content

Image credit: Andrea De Santis

WPP-owned agency Ogilvy has launched the AI Accountability Act to to force disclosure about the use of AI-generated influencer campaigns, according to media reports.

The act would require brands to clearly disclose and publicly declare the use of any AI-generated influencer content in one of two ways.

They could either use the hashtag #poweredbyAI, similar to the ‘paid partnership’ tag currently in use, or implement a new watermark on all AI-powered influencer campaigns.

Ogilvy is calling for a policy change by asking PR agencies, the advertising sector and social media platforms to sign up.

From today Ogilvy will mandate the initiative across its global business. Until there is an official policy on AI, each Ogilvy office will be required to fully disclose its use of its AI-generated influencer content.

Rahul Titus, global head of influence at Ogilvy, said that the agency needs to figure out how it enables the use of AI for its clients by using the right framework.

The campaign has the backing of leading industry bodies in the UK and puts further pressure on influencers to disclose when they are using such technology to alter their appearance online.

The Ogilvy initiative is expected to be one of a number of campaigns on AI to be launched in Cannes this week.