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Oakley embraces diversity with new creative vision

The sportswear brand has launched a campaign that introduces a female character as its star

Oakley has revealed that it will be creating an updated brand aesthetic and new creative point of view using a female protagonist.

The sports apparel brand says it has “created a vision of the future while delivering it in the present, shaping a rich history of culturally defining products”. The result is called Future Genesis.

This evolution is personified by Maxine Fearlight, the newest character for Oakley. The new creatives are aimed at reclaiming the brand’s disruptive spirit, drawing from the principles of yesterday to write its next chapter.

“At Oakley, we don’t believe in predicting the future – we create our own”, said Caio Amato, Oakley’s Chief Marketing.

“Oakley has always been famous for creating its own vision of the future, from product to the architectural design of our stores. Future Genesis evolves this story, to ensure we all dream the same dream.”

Amato explained that it revisited its 90’s hero Max Fearlight narrative, and created a whole new chapter where Max will be forced to see the world through the eyes of his daughter Maxine, a young brave explorer.

“The result is a fascinating new brand context, true to the rebellious Oakley DNA, but with a protopian lens. Future Genesis is our ultimate platform to create new products, new technologies and brand executions that challenges what is out there. Afterall, sameness is more harmful than UV rays”.

The first glimpse of Future Genesis comes to life in the form of two short films that bring viewers back into the world first created in the original 1992 Oakley “Max Fearlight” film.

“Future Genesis gives us the permission to stay rooted in our brand’s legacy, while pushing the boundaries of our ambition”, added Brian Takumi, VP of Creative & Soul at Oakley.

“Maxine is the embodiment of that duality, honouring both yesterday and tomorrow. The spirit and optimism she leads with is the same that guides our approach to product design.

The core DNA of Oakley isn’t about following trends that already exist, but instead, building a vision for what could be.

“Future Genesis will act as a platform for us to continue innovating with technology and design, moving the brand and industry forward. It will come to life through collaborations and brand campaigns – continuing to permeate all that we put out into the world right from our dreams to the shelf.”