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Nissan: ‘Keep asking why’

TBWA/RAAD and Nissan have launched an intellectual property rights campaign titled ‘Keep Asking Why’.

It aims to redefine the narrative surrounding counterfeit parts awareness through a blend of humor and innovation.

Nissan’s strategy introduces an element of enjoyment into this critical issue. By emphasising the power of ‘Why,’ the campaign transforms questioning into an adventure, captivating audiences with eccentric characters and encouraging a reassessment of the authenticity of automotive parts.

‘Keep Asking Why revamps the traditional bounds of a campaign. It evolves into an interactive movement, urging individuals to become their own safety detectives and contributing to a world where authentic parts reign supreme.The campaign is supported by Dubai Police.


  • Wassim Abi Salloum, Managing Director Nissan Middle East, TBWA\RAAD
  • Walid Kanaan, Chief Creative Officer, TBWA\RAAD
  • Frederico Roberto, Executive Creative Director, TBWA\RAAD
  • Sumanth Wilkins, Creative Director, TBWA\RAAD
  • Noor Akar, Associate Creative Director, TBWA\RAAD
  • Ayman Shehadeh, Senior Arabic Copywriter, TBWA\RAAD
  • Lucy Elder, Senior English Copywriter, TBWA\RAAD
  • Sanele Ngubane, Senior English Copywriter, TBWA\RAAD
  • Mohammad El Tayech, Strategic Planner, TBWA\RAAD
  • Elie Naaman, Account Director Nissan United, TBWA\RAAD
  • Juliana Ordonez, Account Manager Nissan United, TBWA\RAAD
  • Marah Ghadban, Account Manager Nissan United, TBWA\RAAD
  • Joya Maria Chahwan, Account Executive Nissan United, TBWA\RAAD
  • Romy Abdelnour, Head of Communications, TBWA\RAAD
  • Ezzat Habra, Creative Services Director, TBWA\RAAD
  • Production House: RUSH FILMS FZ LLC