Nike and Fortnite partner to offer gamers a ‘sneakerhunt’

It sounds like a dream-come-true collaboration for Gen Z from two of their favourite brands

Nike and Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, have joined forces to offer gamers a ‘sneakerhunt’, starting on June 20.

Nike and Epic Games have a history of working together and previous collaborations include bringing Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 6 to Fortnite.  More brands are entering the gaming space, spotting the huge potential to connect with a captive audience.

Nike’s social media accounts reveled the latest tie-up with Fortnite.

“Epic’s partnership with Nike and the launch of ‘Airphoria’ is one of many future collaborations enabling players to opt in to connecting their online presence across ecosystems,” a spokesman for Epic Games told Campaign Middle East.

This is part of a larger effort to bring Nike’s Air Max brand into the world of Fortnite with cosmetics, Fortnite islands, and account-linking between Nike and Epic, introducing Nike .SWOOSH achievement badges for players who link accounts.

But the connection between Fortnite and Nike doesn’t integrate any NFTs or digital item trading marketplaces into the Fortnite world or its economy, as first reported.

A 25-second video includes the Fortnite and Nike Air Max logos appearing together, later stating that the event will be “the ultimate sneakerhunt.”

Nick Vinckier, Head of Corporate Innovation at Chalhoub Group, said: “Fortnite has grown exponentially in the past few years, and it’s gotten to the point that it’s a name that nearly everyone recognises immediately.

“Epic Games has managed to successfully involve Fortnite in awesome collaborations with increasingly bigger franchises and companies.”



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Nike has created .Swoosh, its Web3 marketplace platform, and recently announced a partnership with games developer EA Sports, makers of the FIFA football game, which will create NFTs integrated into the game.