New media company to help brands advertise sustainably

Credits: Freepik. Image for illustrative purposes only.

A new business aimed at helping brands to  sustainably increase digital advertising performance  has launched in Dubai.

Conscious Media positions itself as sustainable digital media partner for brands who want to reach regional and international audiences, via programmatic channels.

The media partner will focus on helping brands increase their return on ad spend whilst decreasing their digital advertising carbon emissions.

The company is founded by Andy Powell who was previously lead InMobi in the EMEA region as VP and MD.

Andy Powell, Co- Founder and CEO, Conscious Media

“We have worked tirelessly to bring forth a sustainable offering to brands that not only helps to lower emissions in our industry, but also increases performance across attention, viewability, view-through rate and more,” said Andy Powell, Co- Founder and CEO.

Conscious Media has partnered with SSP’s and AI companies which utilise technology such as Scope3 to eliminate high carbon emission publishers from site lists and ensurethat campaigns deliver exclusively on low carbon, programmatic supply including YouTube, PMP and Open Exchange.

“The methodology is nothing new; Fewer is better – green media placements generally deliver on sites and publishers with less clutter, thus increasing performance of campaigns,” adds Powell.

Conscious Media also has several sustainability initiatives to offset carbon emissions, including a project which is committed to planting trees following every campaign, with more such initiatives due to be announced soon.

Highlighting the need for the company in the region, Powell shares, “The MENA region is at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, with COP28 taking place earlier this year and now the recent launch of Ad Net Zero in the UAE, so it’s time to act.

“We are on a mission to help brands consciously buy more sustainable media both within the region and internationally, across multiple formats such as CTV, Video and Display,”

Conscious Media offers a comprehensive range of programmatic buying options which are all available on the most popular DSP’s.