New Balance launches fresh retail concept in Dubai

New Balance has launches a new retail concept “built to put people, not products, at the centre of the consumer experience and to revolutionise the running experience”.

Designed around central seating gestures, the store aims to encourage customers to convene, draw inspiration from each other, and find their authentic style.

The new retail concept store opened in Dubai Hills Mall with an aim of also serving as a hub for cultivating a strong New Balance Running communities across the emirate.

“This store signifies a notable step forward in how we approach our retail spaces, featuring a more focused and specific collection tailored especially for younger customers,” explained Ian Fitzpatrick, Senior Director of Global Brand Strategy and Operations at New Balance.

“Instead of trying to cover all our stories, this space is designed to showcase the ones that matter the most to our shoppers. This change highlights our goal to introduce the brand to new groups of people, maybe for the first time.”

Stuart Henwood, Regional General Manager for New Balance Middle East, Africa & India, said:This new retail concept, which is limited to only a few stores globally, represents an innovative community hub for our consumers to immerse themselves in our product and brand in new engaging way.”