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Nakheel taps into the flavour of life in Dubai Islands campaign

Nakheel and Impact BBDO’s new campaign positions Dubai Islands as a place Where Life Flows, with the finest amenities and experiences to help you find your flow and live your best life.

Expanding on the Dubai Islands offering and giving audiences a flavour of life in this new destination through the lens of movement, the audience is invited to find their flow. Dubai Islands is a place to find new opportunities that flow with possibilities. Dubai islands is the space to simply flow.

Throughout the campaign, the focus has been around communicating the feelings and experiences of life at Dubai Islands through artistic movements and outstanding art direction coming to life through creative, surreal and flowy visuals

This artistic combination reminds of a mixture of Pina Bauch’s contemporary dance with flowy silks and vibrant colours and other fantastic elements.

Abed Bibi, CMO, Nakheel said, “The Dubai Islands marketing campaign was intended to capture the spirit of Dubai and the energy of the islands. We wanted to evoke an emotional response in audiences, who could get excited about what the islands could represent for them and the future vision for Dubai.  It was important to show the diversity of the islands and what they could offer citizens, residents and visitors. We have had a great response to the ‘Where Life Flows’ campaign and are excited to see the vision of Dubai Islands come to life, as they are developed.”


Agency: Impact BBDO
Creative director: Marie Claire Maalouf

Nakheel creative director: Abed Bibi, CMO