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Myco partners with MoEngage

Myco, a web3 video streaming, funding, production, and distribution platform, announced a partnership with MoEngage, a leading customer engagement platform. The partnership aims to enhance Myco’s viewer and creator engagement by leveraging MoEngage’s insights-led platform, which includes push notifications as a channel.

Myco empowers viewers and creators in a fully decentralised video ecosystem with live monetisation, crowdfunding, gating NFTs and fractional ownership of content. Myco also pioneers an elevated content experience through the creation of the Cineverse (cinema in the metaverse). In the past year, Myco has seeded, funded, and curated more than 40 film and TV productions through its self-sustaining ecosystem.

“Myco’s mission is to empower viewers by providing them with a decentralised and fair ecosystem for content creation and consumption. Our partnership with MoEngage allows us to take this mission to the next level by enabling first-party data and providing a level of personalisation that is unmatched in the industry.” said Tariq Jaser – digital marketing manager at Myco.

MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform will allow Myco to better understand its audience, their preferences and behavior and deliver tailored content that meets their needs.

“Myco is revolutionising the content industry by providing power to the viewers and creators alike through their decentralised and fair ecosystem for content creation and consumption. Their innovative use of blockchain technology to empower all stakeholders in the ecosystem is truly groundbreaking. We are excited to partner with Myco and be a part of this revolution, helping them to enhance viewer and creator engagement through our platform and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the content industry.” said Sweta Duseja, director of customer success, at MoEngage.