Mubashir unveils new DOOH network

Mubashir, a DOOH (Digital-Out-of-Home) company in Oman, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Al Meera Oman, an international retail chain.

This partnership offers brands advertising opportunities across key locations in the capital region.

This collaboration expands Mubashir’s network to prime positions within high-traffic Al Meera locations in Muscat, such as Al Muzn Mall, Panorama Mall, and Al Meera Malls in Athaiba and Al Amerat.

The smart DOOH screens installed offer scheduling flexibility and allow brands running campaigns to resonate with their ideal audience during peak hours, maximising the impact of their message.

According to both companies, this partnership guarantees brands access to engaged consumers who are actively seeking products and services.

It presents a unique opportunity to capture their attention and establish deeper connections with potential customers in high-traffic areas around the hypermarket.