Motivate Val Morgan reveals its sizzle reel for 2024

Motivate Val Morgan has unveiled its 2024 Sizzle Reel.

The reel offers a preview of what is poised to be an extraordinary year at the cinema.

Following a standout year of success at the box office, the 2024 sizzle reel shines a spotlight on a cinematic landscape adorned not only with blockbuster franchises but also with a rich array of originals, all set to redefine industry benchmarks and captivate a diverse audience in the forthcoming year.

Avinash Udeshi, Chief Operating Officer at Motivate Val Morgan, said, “With 45 million cinemagoers across the GCC, Egypt, and Lebanon in 2023, cinema is back and how! We, too, have experienced phenomenal success, with our advertising revenue growing by over 26 per cent this year.

“Advertisers are now utilising our dashboard to track admissions. Cinema ad campaigns are no longer exclusively tied to the success of specific movie titles, providing an additional layer of flexibility to achieve campaign objectives.

“Planning and measurement have become so straightforward that agency planners and client marketing teams can now decide the target audience and the number of people they wish to reach.”

Securing its position as the most impactful medium for capturing global consumer attention, as highlighted by the Kantar Media Reactions Study 2023, Motivate Val Morgan envisions 2024 as a year brimming with pioneering campaigns, strategic insights, and the timeless allure of cinema advertising.