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Motion approved, by Dailymotion’s Bichoi Bastha

Dailymotion’s chief revenue and business officer, Bichoi Bastha explains how the platform is changing and what MENA means to its strategy proposition.

How is Dailymotion Advertising positioned today, especially in MENA?  

Over more than 17 years, Dailymotion has grown to become one of the few European technology platforms that command a global presence. In July 2015, Dailymotion was acquired by Vivendi, with the strategic aim of increasing the reach and footprint of our video platform. As a result, we completely overhauled the user and partner experience (new player, new mobile app, new website, new content and updates and a new data protection system). These innovations enabled Dailymotion Advertising (the advertising sales house for the Dailymotion video platform) to emerge with brand new value propositions, offers and solutions, which meet and exceed the growing expectations of brands and advertisers today. 

During this time, Dailymotion has developed the user experience and video editorial proposition of its platform and expanded its footprint in alignment with the largest international media platforms. We have also developed a proprietary adtech stack to improve campaign performance and are now communicating our brand-new positioning, which expresses our intent as a video marketing platform (also driven by the ambitions and synergies created by Vivendi). We are confident that we have now reached a true state of maturity. Our transformation has been gradual, and we have taken the time to develop very solid fundamentals and to employ innovation across the entire value chain.

Today, Dailymotion Advertising is looked upon as the specialist in in-stream formats, which are less intrusive for the user and enable brands to obtain excellent media performance. Delivering a brand-safe environment to advertisers running high-performance, transparent video advertising campaigns, Dailymotion Advertising relies on the strength of its four fundamental pillars:

  • The editorial network
  • First-party data (video interests)
  • The integrated creative studio, Nroll
  • The insights department

These four value propositions are interoperable and complement each other.

Today, MENA serves as one of our most strategic markets and we are committed, together with our local partners, including Choueiri Group, to optimise our offers and solutions on a daily basis and to propose and work on the most suitable content for our audiences. Our goal is to continue to develop our network of publishers, always offering the most premium content to our 29 million-plus monthly users.

What are the challenges today for the MENA region?   

Regional and local relevancy is paramount in MENA. Whereas Arabic content is essential for connecting with regional audiences, it is not enough. With every country having its own dialects and social paradigms, we need to be more specific, yet broad, in the publishing partners we recruit – both to be on Dailymotion.net and to use the Dailymotion player on their own platforms.

As such, finding the right partners has been our primary focus. Starting with DMS’ portfolio of premium publishers (Mawdoo3.com, Supermama.me, Webteb.com), and more recently expanding even further (Khaleej Times, Hurriyet).

Another struggle in this region is the sensitivity around certain topics that is not as present in Europe. Through tech partnerships (such as the one with IAS) and curated whitelists (which ensure maximum relevancy and reach), we can satisfy advertisers’ understandable benchmarks for brand safety across all their campaigns.

What future projects do you have in development? 

We have ambitions to continue to expand our network of publishers across all our territories, especially the MENA region, as we want to offer the most premium content possible to our users. We already have a wide range of publisher partners but would like to further strengthen our presence in some Middle Eastern countries and seize upcoming growth opportunities in markets that are constantly showing demand for
new content.

“The Dailymotion proposition uniquely synergises a world-class, brand-safe environment for premium video content, which extends truly global reach for regional players. As the world’s leading premium video technology service, Dailymotion’s commitment to tech innovation, its global scale, the depth, and diversity of its content, in addition to the platform’s unrivalled contextual capabilities, all come together to give publishers and advertisers a definitive winning edge,” said Ziad Khammar, COO, DMS.