‘Moist’ is word of the year in Kraft Real Mayo campaign

The campaign was developed with agency The Kitchen, the in-house agency at Kraft Heinz

Kraft Real Mayo has launched a new campaign to promote the word ‘moist’ as Merriam-Webster’s word of the year.

The campaign was developed with agency The Kitchen, the in-house agency at Kraft Heinz, and aims to reinforce Kraft Real Mayo as a challenger brand.

The dictionary publisher’s annual selection, a tradition that started in 2003, tends to generate online chatter and embody trends that are representative of a particular moment in the culture.

Moist is frequently cited as a phrase that gives people ‘the ick.’

An Urban Dictionary post cited by Kraft Real Mayo notes that moist is ‘a word people pretend to hate because the internet told them to.’

Frances Sabatier, brand manager at Kraft Real Mayo said: “The ‘Search Moist’ effort aligns with past Kraft Real Mayo marketing that has played with controversial topics, mayonnaise among them.

“The latest push seeks to unite ‘mayo freaks’ and ‘promote polarizing condiments and words everywhere’.”

Campaign Middle East will be hosting its monthly Breakfast Briefing on the Out of Home industry on 10th November at the Grand Plaza Mövenpick, Media City, Dubai. To find out more click here.

Paid social ads with a #SearchMoist hashtag will run on TikTok, Instagram and Reddit to rally support, while Kraft Real Mayo has established a dedicated web page for ‘Search Moist’.

The brand is hosting ‘search-a-thon’ on Twitch with help from creators @companiondish, @maxylobes and @Bawkbasoup, who will encourage their followers to spam moist in search queries to boost the term’s rankings and enter for the chance to win free mayo products.

A team of search moist volunteers will also ask passersby on the street to look up the phrase on their phones.