MFilterIt partners with brand tech company ProjectX

MFilterIt has announced a partnership with ProjectX, an Abdul Latif Jameel company.

ProjectX is a brand-tech company that is focused on enabling brands to drive growth and achieve better results through technology.

As part of the partnership, MfilterIt will represent ProjectX.

ProjectX will leverage mFilterIt’s ad tech solutions that will safeguard the digital landscape for its brands.

These include ad traffic validation, brand protection suite, global e-commerce intelligence, direct carrier billing (DCB), value-added services (VAS), and anti-fraud solutions.  

ProjectX will actively promote mFilterIt’s innovative suite of tools and services to brands in the MENA region with whom it works. 

Ramzi Dargham, CEO of ProjectX said: “ProjectX combines the right methodology and technology needed to build and transform brands for future success. We provide tailored advisory services, including growth-focused strategies and tech stack recommendations based on a data-first approach.

“Through our collaboration with mFilterIt, we look forward to creating a transparent digital ecosystem for the MENA region’s clients.”  

Amit Relan, CEO of mFilterIt, said: “As we witness the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world, it becomes imperative to fortify our defenses against potential threats.

“Our agreed representation by ProjectX represents a significant step towards creating a more secure and transparent digital ecosystem. Together, we aim to empower businesses and protect their online assets, fostering a climate of trust and reliability.”